LTC Planning Options

Nobody ever plans on needing long term care, but by the time there is a debilitating medical event,
it is often more complicated to obtain adequate insurance.

It can be a difficult thing to care for your parents as they age and equally burdensome when you have
to rely on family members to help you do the daily tasks you once took for granted.

With a long term care plan in place you and your loved ones have a clear understanding of your care needs, personal wishes and financial situation making the task of getting a care program under way much easier for everyone.

At least 70% of people over age 65 will
require some long term care services
in their


Administering Long Term Care Takes Time
When someone you care about experiences a debilitating health event, the effects are quite significant.  They become dependent on family members to take on the unexpected responsibilities, and some people even stop working.

Maintaining Your Lifestyle
If you are forced to tap into your savings or retirement accounts, you may lose the opportunity to live a comfortable lifestyle later. But if you start planning for long-term care today, you may reduce these impacts on your finances and family.

The Emotional and Financial Consequences of Long Term Care
Even if you understand and are prepared for the financial impact of long term care, it may have an additional impact on your life. Caring for someone else is a loving and selfless act, but it may have a dramatic affect on your marriage, your children, your career, and your plans for retirement.

Best CoverAge explains your options:
Linked Benefit Plans, Annuities, Life Insurance & Medicare Supplements.

Considering everything that is at stake, being prepared and having a plan is place is critical for you and your loved ones. Everyone benefits by being covered since you can never predict exactly if or when you may need it so we encourage anyone above age 30 to begin researching long term care.
At Best CoverAge, we will show you the benefits of Long Term Care Insurance and then help you secure the coverage that is right for you.